Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Native Place garden is at its best right now with many types of climbers and shrubs flowering, lots of birds and butterflies too. Last weekend I spent Saturday morning wandering about the garden admiring my collection of climbers ( thunbergia mysorensis, t alba, t grandiflora, t mystery ( don’t yet know this one’s name ) clitoria ternate, honeysuckle, pyrostegia vanusta, Strongylon Macrobotrys, morning glory, and bridal bouquet clematis) and the many little birds fluttering amongst them. I felt such a wonderful sense of fulfillment seeing all those beautiful vines laden with flowers…. Little baby plants that I have tracked down, procured and cared for … now all grown up and bearing flowers … such a wonderful feeling it was and I was further rewarded with the spotting of a crimson sunbird – my first sighting of this bird ever.


Ever Green Tree said...

Just stopping by to say hello :):)

Sunita said...

Oh that crimson sunbird is gorgeous! I fell in love with when I saw them in Singapore but I had no idea we have them so close to Mumbai. You've given me hope!