Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thunbergia Mysorensis – Clock vine

I first came across this plant while gardening online i.e. surfing through nurseries and info banks across the world. The flowers were spectacular. No wonder it was mentioned as one of the most popular vines in the world. Now with a name like Mysorensis I had a clue as to where to start looking for it in India.

I sent the link to my architect Suchitra Sholapurker who is based in Bangalore – we are in the habit of making wish lists of plants and especially climbers for different areas in the garden. She wrote back saying it was the very same climber she had described to me on a previous visit, but had been unaware of its name.

So come December 2006 she brought me 2 little plants from Mysore in south India. WE planted both of them by the pergola outside the 2 lake front rooms and hoped they would not steal the thunder of the wonderful Thunbergia Alba also growing here. They have been fussy growers and barely reached the top of the pergola after a lot of coaxing and care. Finally in a rare show of appreciation for all the tending and attention one plant flowered in the 2nd week of November bringing joy and gratitude to our hearts.

The Thunbergia Mysorensis is a vine originating from India. There are close to 100 species of Thunbergia in tropical Africa and India. Some are shrubs, some are vines. The flowers hang from the vine in clusters that can reach several feet Excellent for arbors or trained along roof supports where hanging clusters of spectacular flowers may be admired at eye level.

Astrid Rao


rapamum said...

a! bai
Aai tun
tu banlee tai
Atta nako karoo
tu ghai
ghe majhi tu
bye bye

Blackdove said...

Any tips on how to induce their flowering? I've had a couple of cuttings that thrived since April, 2009 - but I've no luck with flowers yet.