Thursday, January 21, 2016

5 Star Bird Watching in the Native Place Garden

 Doc was here on his annual visit. He has been spending the month of December with us (Native Place Nirvana Adventures) for almost a decade now to indulge in Paragliding his main obsession along with swimming, bird watching, gardening and this time cycling too.

This year things were a bit different. Doc said he had gotten over his paragliding obsession and although flying remains high on his list he often took time out now and then to indulge in the art of doing nothing.

One day i came across him sprawled in a hammock in a shady isolated spot in the garden. He had a book and his binoculars handy and when I approached him he mentioned to me that he was indulging in 5 Star bird-watching. It’s simply perfect he said – all afternoon I relax here reading and every now and then a bird comes by and as I sit here watching the birds present themselves and I don’t even have to move to see them from different angles to recognize or admire them.

Doc has been a birder for many years and i often go to him if I am not able to recognize a new visitor. We discussed the variety of birds that visit the garden – thanks to the biodiversity that we have created over the past years. Birds are indicators and their presence tells us that we have done a good job.

Check out the album of just some of them that we have clicked over the years.
Happy Birding and Hammocking in the Native Place Garden

Astrid Rao