Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bird Bath


Doc wrote to me urging me to get a bird bath for the garden. He said he puts out a little shallo dish of water for his dogs in the garden and it attracts all kinds of birds.

i promptly got myself a bird bath and put it out imagining myself photographing and observing a number of interesting birds. i spent an entire afternoon out and all i saw was crows.

Dag called to say he was on his way up to the big mountains to meet up with doc and i grumbled to him about doc's great ideas and how i fared. He suggested that i should visualise a variety of birds and they would manifest!
So the next weekend i sat in the sand pit in the shade of the umbar tree all afternoon but the visualisation exercise took me back to the time in my childhood when a certain crow would visit my neighbour's verandah to look at himself or herself in the mirror of the beautiful old hat stand that they had there. And this got me to relax, lie back and enjoy the crazy antics of these cheeky creatures. Have to say it turned out to be an enjoyable experience.

If you ever come by the native place garden spend some time gazing at the crows visiting the bird bath.
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Astrid Rao