Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Small Minivet in the Native Place Garden

Hi All,

For the last few weekends we have been noticing this elusive brightly colored bird flitting about in the tops of the Umbar tree but have been unable to identify it or capture it on camera. We have been spotting them in pairs or more in the late afternoon, flitting about and then moving on.  They were easy to spot because of their bright colors yet not so easy to capture because of their restless habits. But finally we got lucky last weekend.

We were able to identify it after taking the above picture. The weather was dull and the picture is not sharp but it was enough for us to identify it.

The Small Minivet is said to be a widespread resident in our area and prefers open wooded areas. Has it started to visit the Native Place garden recently or is it that we have never noticed them before. Whatever may be the case – Welcome Small Minivet.

Astrid Rao