Monday, November 19, 2007

The Queen Of The Night - Cestrum Nocturnum

Dag arrived from the land of the midnight sun and landed at Native Place on Wednesday in the early hours of the morning in time for Diwali the festival of lights. Only last weekend I noticed that the ‘Raat ki Rani’ or the Queen Of The Night was covered with buds – the bushes seem to have geared up to scent up the night with their amazing fragrance as if in time to welcome Dag back. He simply loves the fragrance!

We can look forward to heavenly scented Diwali nights minus the noise and air pollution and returning to native place each evening after long sunny day at the flying site to sit out on a cool stone platform and taking deep meditative breaths as the calming fragrance wafts through the air and envelopes us. Fairy lights will simply add to the atmosphere.

Astrid Rao


rapamum said...

hey! u've finally done it. It is so nicely and concisely written and yet it leaves a fragrance. all I can say, in a spellbound way, is KIU ( keep it up).

nativeplace gardener said...

Thanks Parmar

You did put the idea in my head and held my gardening glove in the early days of confusion so thank you for that and the encouraging feedback

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